The Story Behind Santo Chorizo

Rooted in Tradition. Embracing Innovation.

Santo Chorizo was founded in January 2023 by two Chicago restaurateurs bonded by their Latin heritage and a passion for flavor.

For Chef Daniel Espinoza and Chorizo Verde, it was love at first bite. 

After a morning selling tamales with his uncle, Sergio, in the small town of Jacona in Michoacan, Mexico, the pair stumbled upon a local selling the green sausage ropes. Back at his grandmother’s house, Espinoza perfectly remembers that first bite feeling: bright vinegar, rounded chile, fragrant onion and garlic, fresh tortilla, a quick hit of salsa. 

He knew instantly that he’d discovered something special. 

Daniel eventually returned home to the west side of Chicago (a stash of chorizo verde in his luggage), where he finished school, started in the restaurant industry and developed a love of Mexican ingredients, culture and techniques.  His culinary journey led him to France, where he studied classical French cooking and butchery, and into some of the most creative kitchens across the United States.

Over the course of an incredible and diverse career, he became known for more than his take on flavor: he developed a deep appreciation for the art of sausage making. Seriously -- he was crowned the 2019 Prince of Pork by Cochon555.

Now, Espinoza and his co-founder, Yamandu Perez, are on a mission to bring his vision for chicano and modern Latin cuisine to the masses. 

Viva la vida verde!



We stay true to our roots, and invite you to share in our authentic flavors. Respect for the cultural and culinary traditions, ingredients and the craft is paramount.


We’re chefs by training, and at heart. We select the best ingredients.


Our flavors arebold, modern and thoughtful.

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